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Rainbow G Lamp - Charging Station / BT Speaker / Alarm Clock

Rainbow G Lamp - Charging Station / BT Speaker / Alarm Clock

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The perfect lamp for those who want quality on their bedside table. 

This one is unique and offers many possibilities as well as having a very promising and beautiful color combination that few lamps can offer. It comes with a charging station and an app control, but you can control which nature or environmental sounds you want to wake up to and/or if you want the lamp to resemble a sunrise or even all the colors of the rainbow in one color scheme. You can also customize the lamp by uploading your own audio clips and songs into the app. 

Of course, it has Bluetooth and a speaker.

Wireless Charger

Bluetooth Speakers

Brings ambience and functionality, wherever you need it!

Multiple Lighting Modes 

Specifications : 

  • 1 color - White
  • LED lamp / 15w Charging station / Bluetooth speaker / Alarm Clock
  • 20 color themes plus dimmer
  • App control - HappyLighting
  • Color themes can change to match the playing music (configuration item)
  • Wireless charging for all types of phones with QI wireless equipment 
  • Dimmable brightness 0-100%
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Brightness: 2800 - 6500 K
  • Size: 225x230x82 mm
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